1. What payment methods do you accept on zephyrtoys.com?
    Whatever payu money accepts and definately not cash on delivery - Here I dont know what their policy is.
  2. How can I modify/cancel my order?
    You are most welcome to cancel your order if you have placed it by mistake, but this is only accepted till the Item is shipped. We do not accept cancellations after the order is shipped.
  3. Will my personal information be secure while shopping online at zephyrtoys.com?
    For information on how we protect your details, please see our privacy policy.
  4. When will my order be delivered?
    Generally the shipment takes between 3 to 7 days for it to reach you. If there are any delays you can contact us and we would keep you informed on its status.
  5. Will I get a shipping confirmation?
    Yes you will receive a mail mentioning that your order has been shipped.
  6. Can I track my order?
    You can contact us via phone or mail and we shall share the status and details to you.
  7. What is your privacy policy?
    For information on privacy policy, please visit our privacy policy page.
  8. How do I subscribe to zephyrtoys.com emails?
    To subscribe, visit our homepage and select the big box that says "Sign up for Exclusive Emails".
  9. How do I unsubscribe from zephyrtoys.com emails?
    To unsubscribe from receiving emails visit an email you received from us, scroll to the bottom of it and click on unsubscribe.
  10. Do you ship Zephyr toys out of India?
    In some special purpose cases we do. For international shipping to be applicable, please do contact us and we shall take you through the process.
  11. Can I exchange a Zephyr toy?
    If the toys is in a packed condition, we would be happy to exchange the toy for you.
  12. How can I replace a defective Zephyr toy?
    To replace a defective part please send an email to feedback@ztpl.in Make sure to include a photograph of the part that is defective so that we are able to send out the correct replacement.
  13. Can I return a Zephyr toy I haven’t bought on zephyrtoys.com?
    Unfortunately we can only accept returns from products that have been purchased on www.zephyrtoys.com.
  14. How can I get in touch with other Zephyr enthusiast?
    You can visit our social media pages: www.facebook.com/_________ www.twitter.com?___________ www.instagram.com/_________
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