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Zephyr Dog & the Bone


This is a super fun strategy game where, you've got to get your dog to his bone before your opponent does. For this you'll have to manoeuvre your dog, strategically block your opponent/s with your fences and even think two steps ahead of your opponent/s. The 15 minutes that the game lasts will be exhilarating and a great exercise for your mind.




Age : 6-99 years
Category : Board Games
Types : Board Games

This is a 2 - 4 Player game.

To begin:
All players must place the dog on the first row in front of them and in the centre coloumn block, and the bone on the opposite side of the board, beyond the board.

Objective of the Game:
The player who wins is the one whose dog reaches his bone first (any of the blocks on the farthest coloumn).

1. In each players turn, they can do either one of two things, move his dog or place a fence to block the opponent.
2. If the player chooses to move his dog, he can either move it one block in front, back, left or right. The dog cannot move diagonnaly and can only move one step at a time.
3. If the player chooses to use a fence, they must place it perfectly between only 2 blocks. It must not go out of the board and it must not cover 3 blocks.
4. There must always be one route open for the opponent's dog to get to his bone, however long it may be. Once a fence is placed, it cannot be moved.
5. If two dogs come face to face at each other, the do whose turn it is can jump over the opponents dog. But the dog cannot jump over a fence.
6. This game can be played between 2 or 4 players.

1 Plastic game board.
4 Dogs
4 Bones
16 fences.

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