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The 18 components in this kit helps you build 12 wonderful projects like a torch, and an auto night light, that uses a light sensor to switch on the LED when the light do out.





Age : 6-14 years
Category : Blix
Types : Building & Constructions, Teaching Aids

With this set, you get construction parts, electronics components and other accessories.

Easy to use sliding loops are used to build circuits from scratch that perform functions related to real life applications.

A detailed manual guides the child to build his first 10 projects, after which these components can be used to make their own circuits.

Use these versatile components also as an add on to your other BLIX sets (fully compatible), and build cars with head lights and a horn, or any other project that you can imagine. 

Electricity and Electronics is all around us. This set gives a hands-on experience at real components in most of our day to day gadgets, and how to use them in real life applications. Never before would they have had access to these components and concepts in such a fun and easy to use package.

Children have a natural tendency to press a button, and see the reaction. These curiosities must be encouraged and satisfied. This set allows them a backdoor entry into the world of electronics while they make projects reflecting real life applications. It builds critical thinking, problem solving skills, and a general interest in STEM which is believed to be extremely essential for the future success of our young ones.

This set is also designed taking into account the current curriculums taught in schools. This helps them understand concepts taught in school with much better clarity.

18 Components

12 Experiments 


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Out of stock!
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