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The classic Funcil set presents one of the most used items in every child's stationary drawer, high quality plastic stencils. Along with the 8 bird stencils, you also get a booklet, pencil, felt pen and colour pencils to bring your image to life. Use these items to create greeting cards, schools projects, personalise your clothes or just to draw your own sanctuary. Get the entire range and create your own world.







Age : 0-5 years
Category : Teaching Aids
Types : Teaching Aids

With each Funcil set, you get a booklet which allows you to practice your colouring while giving reference of colours. 

Once the image is traced, the child has colour pencils that they can use to colour their drawings. 

These stencils are highly versatile. Kids use them to decorate their walls, clothes, books, greeting cards, and many more things. They can also be used for school projects, charts or just create their own scenes with them. 

All the stencils are made of sturdy and translucent plastic.


While a child traces out a bird with the help of a stencil, they focus on each detail, like a woodpeckers beak, or an ostrich's neck in great awareness, unlike when they see a picture of the bird. It sparks curiosity and creates a new world for them to explore. This encourages imagination and they create stories and scenes in their mind. The colour pencils in the set allow them to bring their creations to life.

For tracing birds with stencils, concentration and focus is required  for their little hands to hold the stencil tightly while drawing with the other hand. This develops their dexterity and hand eye coordination. 

Every theme of the Funcil range is carefully thought out as a new avenue for a child's mind to discover. Millions of these stencils have been used to create a myriad of pictures and project, each one a masterpiece in their own right.  

- Funcils set

- Booklet   

- Black sketch Pen

- Pencil 

- Set of colour Pencile's

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