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MY FIRST CAR (Assorted)

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Get this really cool free wheeled, highly expressive toy car for your child. Its safe and durable and will last for years. Choose from any one of the wacky expressions or just get them all.



Age : 0+ years
Category : Toys
Types : Toys

My First car is carefully designed to ensure that your child’s infancy is filled with joy while developing all of their senses.
The bright colours instills curiosity and gives an incentive for the child to reach out to his favorite toy!
The hard-contoured surfaces build dexterity, making them learn the power of their little hands as they try holding on to their favorite toy!
The super free rolling motion will build reasoning. They understand action and reaction while experimenting with pushing pulling and following their favorite toy!

A very cool super free wheeled, high quality toy.
Bright colours and fresh expressions gives a personality that your child can relatewith.
No sharp edges and 100% safe plastics are used to create these toys.

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