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Zephyr Oranges & Lemons


In this 2 player strategy game, you have to ensure that your ball is placed on top of they pyramid. For this you have to be one step ahead of your opponent as you save your balls and force your opponent to use his/her. 15 minutes of exhilaration guaranteed in every game.





Age : 6-99 years
Category : Board Games
Types : Board Games

This is a 2 player competitive strategy game.

Setting up:
Each player choses whether they want to play with oranges or lemons. Then place all your balls in your respective holders.

Objective of the game:
There are 15 oranges and 15 lemons in the game, and it take exactly 30 balls to make a perfect pyramid on the board. Your objective is to ensure that your ball is placed on the top of the pyramid to win the game.

1. The player who has chosen orange, plays first.
2. Each player takes turns placing their ball on the board one by one.
3. When 4 balls make a tight square on the board, a player can then place a ball on top on the square.
4.In your turn you must move a ball. Either you can take it from your holder and place it anywhere on the bord, or you can take your ball from the playing area and place it on a higher level.
5. When you use a ball from the board, you save a ball from your holder and increase the chance of your ball being the one on top. 

1 Plastic game board.

15 Orange balles

15 Yellow balls.

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