• Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion

Rs. 499.00

Recommended Age: years +

 Objective: To arrange any 4 of your coloured aliens in such a way that they form a horizontal , vertical, or diagonal line for winning the game.

How to begin: Each player arranges his alien army in 3 stacks (Having 4 aliens each) 

How to play: 

  • In Players turn, he/she must place his alien on the board or move an alien from the board to  another position.
  • Players when taking aliens from outside must always do so from the top of any one of the stacks
  •  You can place an alien on an empty spot or on top of another smaller alien.
  • An alien placed on the board from the outside must be placed on an empty spot unless the opponent already has 3 aliens in a line. In that case, the player is allowed to place an alien from the outside on a smaller alien.
  • You can put your alien on either your smaller alien or the opponents smaller alien.
  • Once a player touches an alien he/she must play it.


Educational Benefits: 

  • Knowledge: Enhance creative thinking and  logic 
  • Dexterity: Helps build aptitude and social skills.
  • Sociability: Help your child to learn about playing happily with other children by encouraging him to take turns when he plays with you.
  • Reasoning: Improves co-ordination and increases concentration.

Package Content:

  • 1 game board.
  • 12 Green Aliens.
  • 12 Red Aliens.
  • Instructions available in different languages.