• Animal Dominoes
  • Animal Dominoes

Animal Dominoes

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Recommended Age: 3 years +


How to Play:

  • Shuffle & distribute all the cards evenly among all the players.
  • One of the players should place the last card in the centre.
  • If your card matches one of the animals on the card in the centre, put the card in the centre, with the animal next to the one matching it.
  • Each player, on their turn, will check whether an animal on their card matches one of the cards just placed in the centre and repeat the same.
  • Keep playing until all cards are in the centre
  • The person to first finish all his cards is the winner.


Educational Benefits:

  • Knowledge: Teaches about various animals.
  • Dexterity: Enhances observation and motor skills.
  • Sociability: Help your child to learn about playing happily with other children by encouraging him to take turns when he plays with you.

Package Contents:

  • 28 game Cards
  • 1 Red Bus Activity Book