• Look-N-Learn Shapes & Colours
  • Look-N-Learn Shapes & Colours

Look-N-Learn Shapes & Colours

Rs. 145.00


Recommended Age: 2 years +


How to Play:

  • Hold up the card so your child can clearly see the front.
  • Show them the shape/colour that's on the front and help them to identify the same.
  • Read from the content at the back to assoicate the shape/colour with an object.
  • With the last set of nine cards which have different shape/object associations on them, do a quick revision with your child.
  • Play periodically with your child so they learn and remember.



Educational Benefits: It helps the child learn about different shapes, colours, object association and also resive it to enhance the child skills with the given questionarre.


Package Contents : 28 Flash Cards with Activities.