• My Big Board (Small)
  • My Big Board (Small)
  • My Big Board (Small)

My Big Board (Small)

Rs. 899.00

A wall mounting board with one side a white magnetic board that can be used to write with white board markers and also put up your notes and papers using magnets.

The other side is a green magnetic board, use it with chalk and again use magnets to put up your important papers or drawings. To change the side is very easy, just slip out the board turn it and slip it back in the holders.

No more of the dull boring white boards, this beautiful colourful borders make the board ideal for children and extremely attractive. They can draw, write, do math sum, vent out their feeling or anything that can come to their mind, and yes they can also do their homework and practice on the board.

Being magnetic you can also leave notes for your loved ones or display your work of art or even put up papers that are important, the possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

Easy to install, just fix the holders on the wall using the screws and plugs provided, slip the board in and its ready to use.


Package Contents:

  • Interchangeable 2 in 1 Board
  • Duster
  • 2 pieces of Chalks
  • 4 pieces of Clamps.
  • A wiping cloth
  • Holder for the white board marker