• PlayMais World (Sea)
  • PlayMais World (Sea)

PlayMais World (Sea)

Rs. 1,525.00


Recommended Age: 2 years +


PlayMais is a fun, creative natural modelling material, which is made from Cornstarch and natural food colourings.

PlayMais is made in Germany and is 100% biodegradable.

The blocks are coloured using natural food colourings and by just adding a little water the blocks stick together, leaving you with a fantastic modelling material that needs no glue and is completely safe if it should find its way into a mouth!

PlayMais is recommended for children from 2 years upwards, or as soon as they are old enough to grasp the play method of picking up a piece, dabbing it on a damp cloth and the pressing it onto another piece.

PlayMais is also an ideal product to use within a nursery or school environment and we have special mega boxes available that are ideally suited to this.


  • Easy to shape modelling material, sticks together with water
  • Make lots of fun and colourful shapes
  • Won’t stain skin or clothing
  • Promoting creativity, motor skills and child development
  • 100% biodegradable material, environmentally friendly modelling material