• Red Bus - Going Places
  • Red Bus - Going Places

Red Bus - Going Places

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Recomended Age: 3 years +


How to Play:

  • Shuffle and spread out all picture and alphabet cards separately with the Red Bus facing upwards.
  • Each player gets a place card that has spaces with names of people or objects related to the place.
  • Each player, on their turn, must pick up a card.
  • Name of the object or person shown on the card is in one of the spaces on your place card, put the card in that space. If not keep it back and pass the turn to the next player.
  • Keep playing until all the spaces on your place card are filled.
  • The person to first fill their place card wins.


Educational Benefits:

  • Knowledge: Teaches to correlate places with objects and people.
  • Dexterity: Enhances observation and motor skills.
  • Sociability: Help your child to learn about playing happily with other children by encouraging him to take turns when he plays with you.


Package Contents:

  • 30 Game Cards
  • 5 Place Cards
  • 1Red Bus Activity Book